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We have professionals from wide range available on the platform, where we verify them through the internal process.

PROQSERV is a Portal for the healthcare community, dedicated to helping doctors and patients come together to make better, more efficient, more informed decisions about patient care.

Our technology captures patients’ preferences and health concerns via smartphone or computer, and using a proprietary algorithm it then integrates clinical evidence that enables doctors to customize treatment plans for their patients efficiently and effectively.

The result: when doctors and patients meet in person, they are already on the same page, with the information they need to make an informed joint decision that matches the patient’s goals.

Let's Get The Job Done


Our service providers are verified and highly experienced professionals.


Having a hard time with service provider, come to us and get it replaced.

Fair Prices

We believe in fair pricing for our customer. Call Us! to get best prices.

How It Works

You submit requirements.


We approach the service providers of your area


Service Providers reach out to you. and you then close with them.


Instant Appointments

Proqserv is a pioneer marketplace in providing high-quality, on-demand residential services in major cities around the world. We ourselves do not offer these services, but help you reach out to the professionals who perform a wide variety of common home repairs and maintenance services.

As soon as we get your requirements, those are sent to the service providers in your area for quick booking.

We offer a wide range of home services to make your life easy. Now that we are here, your basic household chores will require no more effort than the swishing of a magic wand. We are committed to offer competitive prices without compromising our workmanship and quality.

In case you are not happy with the services of the service provider you have chosen to work with, you can always come back and get the contact of another service provider. Please note that since we do not get paid either ways from you or the service provider, and as we do not participate in the financial transaction, we have no conrol on how you have setup the deal with the service provider. Thus it is your responsibility to finalize with the service provider and close with them.

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